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SET of 6 Pusher style Marlin / Tuna Mahi Dolphin Durado Wahoo Trolling skirt Lures. Rigged and bag included tuna 9 inch Big game trolling lure

New Kmucutie 3d Eyes Bucktail Jigs 25g 7cm Super Glow for Saltwater 5 Pcs

Artificial Rigged soft Fishing Lure Bionic Fish Soft Bait

We are specialized in manufacturing hard baits, soft baits, metal baits, plastic baits, wooden baits, fishing hooks, fishing boxes, jig heads, spinner baits, flies, fishing nets and other accessories.
After many years of great efforts, till now, we have developed a series of unique products.

The mainly categories:
1. Manual-made soft baits: unique craftsmanship; bright colors; the main paint and other chemical additives are all imported from U. S, Switzerland, Germany and France; the swimming posture is very similar to that of the real fish.
2. Hard plastic baits: more than 300 models; common painting, metal painting and colorful laser painting on the surface; extremely hand feel and dancing body design.
Our business philosophy:
the simplest one "to do business with the repeat customers" and all the products, services, technology, research and development are done around this goal. We praise highly "opening-up; sharing; cooperation; win-win" mode, and thanks for these 80% of our clients are regular ones.

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Customer Soft lures

Kmucutie is a manufacturer and supplier of soft fishing lures, including soft worms, soft grubs, soft shad, soft creature baits.

The soft fishing lures are all made up of quality soft plastic material,

as well as rubber, silicone, BASF, TPR material,  good capacity and bright colors;  

they could be added salt and other fishy smell to attract the fishes;

good shape design to create lifelike swimming actions in water.


The soft fishing lures are mainly used for bass/crappie/saugeye/walleye fishing, usually combined with jig head, the fisherman

could choose the suitable ones according to the different situations,

so that there will be so many perfect combined fishing tools.

Certainly we also have the lead head soft shad lures,

which are the perfect combined of jig head and soft lures; they will save the time

and used directly.

Please start your choices for them and I believe you could find your favorite ones!

Custom soft lures


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New design squid jig

Soft Vibe Lures 95mm

Skirts fishing lures CHOCT25

trolling lure set

Squid head rubber skirts snapp


Jumping Soft Frog

Jumping Soft Frog

Soft bird duck lure wholesale

Soft bird duck lure wholesale

Soft Shrimp lures 3 Size available

soft shrimp lure

Luminous soft squid lure

soft squid lures

UV coating lead jig 160g

UV lead jigs

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