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29Dec 2014

Hi everyone, well the year is rapidly coming to an end. we had a very good year more than tripled last years sales. The profit level is still very low, but we did sell a bunch of lure covers!!!   I have decided to try google ads again and also facebook ads and amazon ads. I […]

25May 2015

Well it is time to get this updated! Summer has come to the Pacific Northwest it feels like! The Salmon are coming with a total of over 6 thousand so far that have been counted crossing the Wells Dam the last dam on the Columbia river with a fish latter! so that is good news. […]

06Jun 2015

Well it is June and I am still getting the boat ready to go fishing. I picked up a new ARCH from Rod Dog Arches out of Anacortes,WA. I saw his ad in the Northwest Sportsman Magazine and got ahold of him and he made one for me it is beautiful!! -The welding looks textbook. I have […]

04Jul 2015

Hello, well the Salmon season has opened and the fish came to play as did a ton of Fishermen here to Brewster!!! The Wells Dam count is Chinook- 27,467 this year so far and 2,233 were counted on July 2nd!! but this is crazy- The sockeye count is 56,594 this year with 11,712 counted on […]

17Jan 2016

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