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Design, Wholesale, Sourcing fishing tackle all in one sites
Fishing rod wholesale

Fly fishing rod, slow jigging rods

Fishing lures

Hard plastic lures, soft plastic lures, lead jig head

Fishing reels

Jigging reel and trolling reels

Fishing tools

Fishing pliers, fishing hooks, fishing line

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Focus on fishing tackle import, export and marketing...
All kind of fishing tackle sourcing, quality guarantee

Business philosophy: the simplest one “to do business with the repeat customers” and all the products, services, technology, research and development are done around this goal. Many years of experience in producing and exporting fishing tackle. We are specialized in manufacturing hard baits, soft baits, metal baits, plastic baits, wooden baits, fishing hooks, fishing boxes, jig heads, spinner baits, flies, fishing nets and other accessories. After many years of great efforts, till now, we have developed a series of unique products. The mainly categories: 1. Manual-made soft baits: unique craftsmanship; bright colors; the main paint and other chemical additives are all imported from U. S, Switzerland, Germany and France; the swimming posture is very similar to that of the real fish. 2. Hard plastic baits: more than 300 models; common painting, metal painting and colorful laser painting on the surface; extremely hand feel and dancing body design.

  • Fishing Rods

    Fly fishing rods, Jigging rods, carp fishing rods, squid rods

  • Fishing reels

    Fly fishing reel, Spinning reels, Baitcast Reel and jigging reels

  • Fishing lures

    Hard plastic lures, soft plastic lures,Lead jigs, squid jigs, and fishing hooks.

  • Series fishing

    Fishing wader, Fishing pliers, Fishing tools